Experiential Marketing Definition and Ideas to Inspire in 2018

Posted by Camie Dunbar on Mar 2, 2018 3:07:23 PM

Marketing, at its core, is promoting your brand to garner the coveted attention and interest of your current and prospective customers, clients, or consumers by offering them something of value in hopes of securing their business for years to come. It’s teaching people about your brand and why they should choose you over a competitor’s product or service. How you choose to promote your brand, however, can vary greatly by method as well as your levels of creativity and innovation

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The Secret to Standing Out in a Sea of Marketers: Experience Marketing

Posted by Camie Dunbar on Jan 30, 2018 2:19:00 PM
Being different is good – especially when it comes to standing out in a sea of other competitors. Who says a little competition isn’t good – right?
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