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Deployable Emergency Response Solutions

Innovative Group   |   May 1, 2020 12:00:00 PM


In the wake of COVID-19, an ongoing and increasing problem is a lack of medical resources, but INSITE Hospitality, an Innovative Group company, offers emergency response solutions. They are now using their fleet of mobile assets, originally used for experiential events, to help support the needs of hospitals and communities nationwide.

Working in an industry that entertains large crowds for events and activations, INSITE is prepared for adapting and has the resources that can help address the medical needs for expansion through temporary buildings and structures, including drive-thru testing facilities and mobile hospitals during the crisis. The group can deploy across the nation and set up within 72 hours anywhere across the United States.

mobile hospital deployment by INSITE Hospitality

While marketing and experiential activations are primary services of INSITE Hospitality and Innovative Group, they have provided disaster relief in various forms to victims, hospitals, and communities throughout the years. Most recently, Innovative Group participated in a relief effort in the Bahamas to help with the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. On September 5, 2019, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s Grand Celebration ship sailed from West Palm Beach, Florida, to the Bahamas on a humanitarian cruise, and the INSITE team played a large roll in supporting those efforts. Innovative Group’s President, Barry Kates, led the charge for the company as part of the strategic relief team, and he sailed on that first mission with hundreds of others to provide support for the Bahamian people. Currently, they have set-up and deployed assets at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Indiana. This deployment was launched in less than three days and offered a temporary solution to their medical services in a space-efficient and reliable manner.

If you or someone you know needs a trusted partner to help them respond to this pandemic, contact INSITE’s team of Solutionists™ to create your emergency response solution by visiting their website at https://www.insitehospitality.com/emergency-response-solutions or calling (470) 329-7549.