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Don’t Just Sponsor a Golf Tournament... Create An Experience

Camie Dunbar   |   Apr 8, 2019 4:05:33 PM

Say goodbye to the idea that golf is just something your father watches when the Masters are on TV. Instead, say hello to modern golf experiences: a cohesive experience that feels less like a spectator sport and more like a high-class party — one that can be leveraged by brands for a lasting impression.

Over 23.8 million Americans play golf, but even more enjoy watching it. In fact, about 250,000 people visit Augusta for the Masters alone each year, and in 2018, an average of 13 million tuned in to watch the broadcast of the final round. This 14% increase from 2017 shows that golf events are becoming more popular, and now is the time for your business to take advantage of their endless possibilities when it comes to sponsorships and marketing capabilities.


Leveraging Experiential Marketing at Golf Events

It’s been proven that experiential marketing can do wonders when it comes to driving measurable results at major events, much more so than traditional print or digital advertising. Major golf tournaments have transformed into an opportunity for spectators to not only watch from the sidelines, but to truly experience this exciting sport — creating easily “Instagrammable” and shareable moments that can drive awareness for your brand.

Ready to turn your next golf event into a full day experience that leverages cuisine, comfort, and customization to be even more memorable than that winning birdie? We’re teeing up with some tips for playing up the experiential aspect of golf tournaments to craft an innovative and luxurious experience your consumers will be buzzing about.

Optimizing the Golf Tournament Experience

Golf events are often a full day affair, and major golf tournaments, like the Masters can last an entire week! Therefore, creating a VIP experience for guests at golf events would be the ultimate treat. Whether they need to grab a drink, a comfortable place to rest their tired feet, some much-needed air-conditioning, or a clean place for a bathroom break, guests will remember you for providing a comfortable, luxurious, climate controlled, and inviting hospitality center.

It’s the one area you can truly craft a unique and enjoyable experience that also optimizes awareness and drives revenue for your brand. Innovative Group’s INSITE hospitality allows guests to not only hang out together, enjoy a cold drink and a delicious bite, and spectate, but also enjoy a high-quality experience without missing any of the action on the course. This can all be made possible with Innovative Group’s fleet of INSITE Suites.


INSITE Suites: A Premium Hospitality Solution to Revolutionize Your Next Golf Event

SkyView Suites for Golf Events


SkyView Suites feature massive floor to ceiling windows and an eye-catching spiral staircase that leads to a unique rooftop deck. This allows spectators to see all the action of the golf event from a bird’s eye view, or from inside the suite. Plus, with a mini fridge, coffee station, wine refrigerator, and kegerator, guests can eat and drink comfortably throughout the golf event.

Bring SkyView Suites to your next golf event and drive revenue by:

  • Selling tickets to experience the rooftop view
  • Selling sponsorship and branding opportunities for the rooftop railing
  • Creating a village with each suite being sponsored by a different client
  • Creating a “Cool Zone” and selling sponsorships
  • Selling catering sponsorships
  • Selling a VIP lounge area near the suite
  • Customized branding/product placement
  • Offering sampling and more!

The Traditional for Golf Events

RBC - Suite1

The Traditional caters to premium hospitality clientele and corporate sponsors looking for first-class hospitality solutions at their golf event. A full size refrigerator, microwave, warming drawer, bar, wine rack, and an ample kitchen area means your guests can be wined and dined — all while watching an exciting round of golf unfold before their eyes. A pass-through kitchen window to an outside grilling area is perfect for feeding everyone’s need out on the course!

Bring a Traditional Suite to your next golf event and drive revenue by:

  • Selling tickets to enjoy a truly VIP experience
  • Creating a village with each suite being sponsored by a different client
  • Selling sponsorship and branding opportunities throughout the suite by leveraging branding pillows, wall art, etc.
  • Selling catering sponsorships
  • Selling a VIP lounge area near the suite
  • Customized branding/product placement
  • Offering sampling and more!

Both our SkyView and Traditional Suites also include a laundry list of amenities that will have guests spectating in style, including but not limited to:

  • A clean, private restroom
  • Climate controlled heating and cooling
  • Multiple indoor and outdoor satellite televisions

Our INSITE golf packages are incredibly flexible, and can be scaled up or down based on the unique needs of your golf event. With the option to have just one suite or multiple placed together to create a village or throughout the course, the branding opportunities at your next golf event are endless — but the possibilities don’t stop there.

IG’s experiential marketing and elevated hospitality assets aren’t just limited to golf events. These unique, one-of-a-kind experiences are possible no matter the client, industry, or venue!

Join the ranks of other PGA golf tournaments like The RBC Heritage, WEB.com, The US Senior Open and others. To see how Innovative Group can enhance the marketing experience of your customers and sponsors through INSITE Suites and more, contact IG’s innovative solutionists™ today.

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