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Innovative Group Wins 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ Award

Innovative Group   |   Nov 14, 2019 10:30:00 AM

The Innovative Group team is proud to announce they have won a 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ Award for the second year in a row! What helps set Innovative Group apart and rank among the best entrepreneurial companies in America?

The Innovative Group team is made up of solutionists™—dedicated, thought-provoking, ever-evolving, and tenacious problem solvers. With a passion for bringing communities together in new and uniquely engaging ways and helping clients achieve (and even exceed!) their goals, Innovative Group certainly has an entrepreneurial spirit! 

What Are the Entrepreneur 360™ Awards?

Entrepreneur is an American magazine and website featuring news stories about entrepreneurship, business, and small business management. Each year, it identifies the top entrepreneurial companies and the individuals behind them that are mastering the art and science of growing a business on its Entrepreneur 360™ list.

Unlike other similar lists, Entrepreneur uses both quantitative and qualitative info to choose which of the best entrepreneurial companies will be award recipients—looking at hard numbers such as revenue as well as "soft" skills such as innovation and leadership. Their analysis uses a proprietary algorithm and advanced analytics to calculate the best entrepreneurial companies in America based on 50+ data points that are organized into five main pillars:

  1. Revenue and Customers. Analyzing the company’s revenue trends and mix of customers.
  2. Management Efficiency. Measuring the management's team overall efficiency of operations.
  3. Innovation. Evaluating a company's ability to innovate and create new assets in their industry.
  4. Financial Evaluation. Analyzing a company's financial records over the last three years. 
  5. Business Valuation. Evaluating a company's worth using various valuation methodologies.

How Did Innovative Group Win an Entrepreneur 360™ Award?

Many top entrepreneurial companies from all across the nation applied to win an Entrepreneur 360™ award—so how did Innovative Group set itself apart to earn a coveted spot on the list? Seeing as “Innovation” is one of the core pillars applicants were evaluated on, Innovative Group was certainly able to differentiate in that regard—after all, innovative is in their name!

Innovative Group has a fleet of proprietary mobile assets that are unlike anything in the experiential marketing industry. These one-of-a-kind mobile assets include:

  • INSITE Hospitality Suites. A revolution in premium hospitality services, the Traditional and SkyView Suites are the only mobile units on the market that provide an all-inclusive VIP hospitality platform with all the comforts of home, while also enhancing an event's revenue capabilities with best-in-class luxury amenities and nearly endless opportunities for sponsorships and branding. 

insite suites experience

  • MAXimus. A massive, state-of-the-art, self-sustaining mobile culinary venue that offers the opportunity to capitalize on a multitude of unique branding components and product placement uses with a self-leveling stage, elaborate professional kitchen, oversized high-definition monitors, and outdoor speaker system.

maximus culinary entertainment

  • DRAFT. A one-of-a-kind, dynamic culinary venue and restaurant aboard a repurposed fire truck. With two Southern Pride Smokers and a 12 Multi-Sided Beverage Tap System, DRAFT is capable of serving up to 20,000 people per day while highlighting philanthropic initiatives with First Responders.

draft culinary truck

These mobile assets are certainly innovative and were designed to transform the current standards of experiential marketing. For example, the launch of INSITE Hospitality, a mobile hospitality division of Innovative Group, was focused exclusively on revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Now that’s entrepreneurial!

Plus, these assets have been used for companies spanning various industries and locations, and have appeared at everything from sporting events to auto auctions to branded activations in airports. This mix of customers certainly helped Innovative Group score high in the “Revenue and Customers” categories!

What Makes Innovative Group Different from Its Competitors?

While Innovative Group’s assets are certainly unique, what really sets them apart is how they are used and the people behind them! The family-first, high-energy environment at Innovative Group has attracted the most talented industry experts to the company, who are constantly fueled by their insatiable entrepreneurial appetite.

This is yet another way that Innovative Group stood out when it came to the “Management Efficiency” category. The leaders at Innovative Group are always striving to become better, faster, and smarter problem-solvers so they can address their customer’s pain points and help them achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. This has been the key to Innovative Group’s continued growth and success!

Here are some of the biggest wins over the past year that helped Innovative Group secure its spot on the 2019 Entrepreneur 360™ list:

  • Won Company of the Year in the Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations category for the 2019 Stevie® American Business Awards.
  • Awarded as a “Top 100-It List” agency by Event Marketer.
  • Ranked one of the “360 Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” by Entrepreneur Magazine in both 2018 and 2019.
  • Launched INSITE Hospitality.
  • Utilized exclusively by Notre Dame throughout the football season including designing, planning, and managing Notre Dame’s BCS official Cotton Bowl Party and numerous other campus events. 
  • Selected by JP Morgan Chase to strategize and implement a comprehensive experiential marketing campaign and activation strategy for United and Southwest Airlines in airports across the United States.
  • MAXimus, continues his tour with some of the biggest celebrity chefs on the planet, including Andrew Zimmern and Gordon Ramsay!

With these examples, it should be no surprise that the Innovative Group team has distinguished themselves as innovative leaders in their field for the second year in a row and can boast yet again of another Entrepreneur 360™ Award.

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