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Small Business Growth in The Virtual Age

Innovative Group   |   Oct 22, 2020 12:00:00 PM

Going virtual is an excellent way for your brand to reach a more broad and diversified audience from anywhere in the world. Whether it's hosting a fully-customized virtual event or utilizing digital marketing services for your small business, going virtual provides flexibility while maintaining brand consistency in an unpredictable market landscape. 

Here are some recent ways larger company influences have showcased and helped aid small businesses virtually.

Virtual Music Festival Showcased Small Businesses

Superfly’s virtual music festival fundraiser, Small Business Live, is one illustration of how virtual experiential marketing can help small businesses thrive even during an economic downturn. Co-founder of Superfly, Rich Goodstone stated, ”I didn't feel like there was a voice and a face to the small businesses during this pandemic. I felt that we could do something that could bring a lot of focus, but also tell the stories of the small businesses themselves.” The virtual fundraiser gave a platform to many minority-owned small businesses’ voices and helped mitigate some of the economic hardships faced by the 7.5 million small businesses affected by COVID-19. Hosting the fundraiser as a virtual event allowed for flexibility of venues, from local music halls to artists performing on their couches, while still delivering quality performances viewed by audiences across the nation.

Facebook Rolls Out $100 Million Grant For Small Businesses

Facebook Inc. is also lending a helping hand to small businesses affected by COVID-19. $100 million in cash grants and online ad credits is available to help maintain normal business operations and alleviate financial challenges for small businesses on the brink of insolvency. Approximately 30,000 small businesses spanning thirty countries are eligible for receiving the grant. 

Helping 50,000 Small Businesses Get Online by 2021

To contribute to the economic recovery, Google has pledged a million dollars to expand Digital Main Street's ShopHERE program. Google helped 50,000 small businesses go digital with the funds pledged. It is difficult for small businesses to successfully enter the digital market without the necessary skills. One such business owner given the opportunity was Peter Laywine. He used the funds to open up his 30 year-old Pen and Ink shop online. Fortunately, Google's investment allows small businesses such as Laywine's to receive digital marketing skills training and the ability to compete more from a digital perspective. 

Why You Should Go Virtual

There are endless opportunities for small businesses in the digital age, from hosting virtual events to creating custom digital marketing strategies. Going digital allows your brand to engage with a global audience and grow your business to new heights. Contact the experts at Innovative Group to learn how to grow your small business virtually!

If you are interested in learning more about our virtual event services, please contact Heather Wright at heather@innovativegroup.agency.