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Camie Dunbar   |   May 24, 2019 9:48:21 AM

When Innovative Group was introduced to Alabama Coasting at the World Food Championship in Orange Beach last year, a wonderful friendship was formed. After all, they do say that good food brings good people together! Today, that friendship has since blossomed into a new and exciting partnership.

Innovative Group will be working hand-in-hand with Alabama Coasting to promote tourism, culinary experiences, and culture in Alabama’s local communities through its unique mobile asset solutions and experiential marketing initiatives.


The Alabama Coasting Way

Alabama Coasting is a recognized community resource helping businesses, organizations, and local governments reach both tourists and locals. They proudly serve as ambassadors for Alabama’s local communities by telling the stories of the people, places, and businesses that make the area so special.

Through their culinary and food sport initiatives, including the new Alabama Culinary Guide to be published in late 2019, Alabama Coasting team has two main goals:

  1. To ensure that both active locals and visitors have the opportunity to experience the very best of the Alabama Gulf Coast; and
  2. that their clients and marketing partners get noticed by the thousands of consumers in this region.

These two goals perfectly align with the way Innovative Group does business—helping to create the ultimate experience, while enabling brands to drive revenue and brand awareness through experiential marketing.


How Innovative Group’s Experiential Marketing Expertise Will Help Alabama Coasting Achieve Their Mission

Alabama Coasting’s mission is to tell Alabama’s food stories locally, regionally, and internationally.  By harnessing the power of Innovative Group’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind mobile assets and hospitality expertise, event-goers can experience hands-on, participatory events that will create memorable and exciting ways for guests to truly experience these stories.

Confident they can greatly expand their reach, visibility and opportunity for success through IG’s effective and award-winning experiential marketing methods, Alabama Coasting is not only excited about the current relationship, but also expanding it outside of the state for the 2019 World Food Championship in Dallas, TX.

Both Alabama Coasting and IG’s experiential team are looking forward to hitting the road with MAXimus, IG’s massive, state-of-the-art, self-sustaining mobile culinary venue and DRAFT, a dynamic, full-service restaurant aboard a fire truck to provide unique and revolutionary themed culinary experiences.

MAX and DRAFT will also be joined by INSITE Hospitality, an all-inclusive VIP hospitality platform. With multiple options to choose from, such as The Traditional and SkyView Suites, Alabama Coasting will enhance their events with best-in-class luxury amenities, allowing their guests to kick back, relax, and watch all the action in style and comfort.

These show-stopping mobile assets will all work together and are set to deploy with Alabama Coasting’s unique culinary and “food sport” initiatives.. Both parties are extremely excited to get this partnership underway and create unforgettable experiences.

Danny Calametti, CEO & Co-Owner of Alabama Coasting, explains, “Innovative Group’s technology is out of this world, but it is the energy and excitement that the IG team brings that fits so well with family, food, and fun that drives all that we are at Alabama Coasting.”

Jaima Schiffer, Director of Business Development for Innovative Group, adds, “Our team is so excited about this partnership. What’s most intriguing is how the Calametti brothers are pairing tourism and the culinary tales of Alabama, incorporating their Chefs in events like the World Food Championships. Our culinary assets and other services are a natural fit to help showcase this unique way to draw visitors to their region.”  

Want to learn more about how Innovative Group’s hospitality team can transform your events/experiences or how you could be IG’s next big partner? Reach out today for more information.

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